Visionguard 100

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Typical Application

With our Visionguard 100 shutter we are able to to offer a wide range of shutter designs which balances the need for light and vision but is still maintaining a high level of security. Ideal for retail premises where ‘window shopping’ is so important for generating trade. Commercial properties can be made secure but with a less oppresive/industrial look.


  • Flat lath profile
  • Internal or external use.
  • Galvanised steel
  • Choice of most ral colours
  • Perforated medium visibility (high when back lit)
  • Punched lath high visibility (option of perspex inserts)

Sector key

Our Visionguard 100 can be used in the following sectors.

Standard Specification

Modes of Operation:
  • Hand Chain operation by pulling on the hand chain assisted by reduction gearing & mechanical springs within the barrel. Safety brake supplied as standard.
  • Electric operation by 3ph 415v safedrive motor with an integral safety brake, duty rating of 60% as standard.
  • Electric opertion by 1ph 20v tube motor. Safety brake supplied as standard.

Constructed from 100mm galvanised cold rolled flat sections of suitable gauge, each alternate lath is fitted with a Nylon endlock to prevent lateral movement and wind anchor locks on larger doors. The perforated version has multiple micro circular perforations. Punched lath version with 100 x 700 punches at 60mm spacing.

Bottom Rail

The base of the curtain is fitted with a steel angle reinforcing rail of adequate size forming an inverted ‘T’.

Side Guides

Formed from cold rolled mild steel channel sections secured to the opening structure by full height mild steel fixing angles.

Roller Assembly

Constructed from mild steel tube, mounted on bright steel shafts running in ball races.

Optional extras

Roller shutters can be provided with many optional extras / upgrades.

Colour Finish

  • Polyester powder coat finish to a standard BS or RAL colour (Subject to availability).


  • Twin Pile Guide Seal
  • 100 – 200mm Head Seal
  • Threshold Seal


Canopies & Closures

  • Hood Cover
  • Fascia
  • Soffit
  • Jamb Flashing Closure


Personnel Doors

  • Steel Hinged Door (With fixed infill panel)


Security Options & Upgrades

  • Bullet Locks
  • Chain Keep
  • Ground Lock
  • Keyswitch Locking Box
  • Anti-Ram Raid Posts


Door Protection

  • Steel Protection Bollards (Powder coated yellow and supplied with yellow & black hazard tape as standard).
  • Steel Jamb Protection


Safety Features

  • Photo Cells
  • Safety bottom edge
  • Ground Lock & Bullet Lock Interlock


Electric Operation Upgrades

  • Push Button Station (Supplied as standard with electrically operated doors)
  • Lockable push button station
  • Rocker switch (Supplied as standard with tube motor shutters).
  • Key switch
  • Radio Transmitters
  • Motion Dectors
  • Induction Loops
  • Photo Cells
  • Group Control


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