Folding Sliding Door

Safeguard folding shutters

Typical Application

Industrial sliding doors are ideal for openings where headroom is limited & Enviroments with high wind pressure. i.e warehouses, factories, industrial units, garages, workshops, power stations.


  • Manual or electric operation
  • Withstand high wind pressure
  • Vision panel option
  • High security locking
  • Heavy gauge galvanised top & bottom track

Sector key

Our Folding Sliding Door can be used in the following sectors.

Standard Specification

Folding Shutter Doors

A range of galvanised folding shutter doors designed for wide openings with limited headroom or locations where high wind load conditions prevail. Each door is curtain manufactured to suit most types of structural openings. A concrete or steelwork lintel is required to support the sliding door track and a chase for the bottom track is required.


  • Opening width (Single Doors) – 1200mm up to 12 metres.
  • Opening width (Double Doors) – 2400mm upto 24 metres.
  • Opening Height – Please contact A&C Maintenance Ltd technical department for advice.


Top Track Brackets

Fabricated from mild steel angle sections to suspend the shutter track from lintel. Finished in one coat of metal primer.


Formed from galvanised sheet steel connected to the top track to seal the gap above the shutter leaves between the track & the opening structure. Special extended soffits can be manufactured to suit site conditions at a extra cost).

Top Track

Formed from cold rolled galvanised steel strip into a lipped channel section ensuring smooth running of the bearings within the track.

Closure Panels

Manufactured from galvanised sheet steel to seal the ends of the shutter to the jambs. Special extended closure panels can be manufactured to suit site conditions at a extra cost.


Formed from cold rolled galvanised steel strip into multi profile section to form the vertical framework of the shutter. The outer face forms a hinging section which supports the shutter leaves & the inner face forms a guide channel in which the lattice slides with self lubricated bolts.

Lattice Bars

Formed from cold rolled galvanised steel strip bars which are attached diagonally to the pickets by slidingĀ TeflonĀ coated, self lubricating bolts, ensuring that the pickets and leaves are equally spaced during opening of the shutter to provide maximum strength.

Door Leaves

Formed from galvanised steel strip into a vertical ribbed section 230mm wide. The steel gauge varies to suit the size and location of the shutter.

Optional extras

Our Sliding Folding Shutter can be provided with various optional extra’s.

  • Powder coating finish to face of door to any standard RAL or BS Colour (Subject to availability)
  • Vision window to shutter leaves to provide visibility.
  • 5 lever security deadlock
  • Special application bottom tracks
  • Cut outs for runway beams or monorails
  • Special motors and starters
  • Special electrical equipment (safety edge induction loops)


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