Internal Doors

Internal doors are for separating sections of your premises, usually after closing. Internal doors do not need to be as secure as external shutters, but they do add an extra element of security to your premises.

These rolling grilles come in a variety of designs and styles depending on what their purpose will be. We have retractable security shutters that are ideal for allowing large amounts of light into a premises but still maintaining a high level of security, these are ideal for office spaces where there are a lot of windows.

Rolling grilles and security shutters

If you don't want retractable security shutters, then take a look at our security bar option. These removable bars are perfect for securing your property from the inside and are just as suitable to offices with lots of windows as the rolling grilles that can be retracted.

Some of our rolling grilles are perfect for using in bars or small shops when they are closed to safeguard any valuables that may be left behind the security shutters overnight. These kinds of security shutters can also come with vision slats or even a rolling grille so that outsiders can still see what's behind the shutter without compromising security.

Rolling grilles are a great way to secure your shop front without covering up your branding or advertisements. These kind of security shutters are perfect if you have a shop in a shopping centre, such as Meadowhall, where the outside premises are secure and you don't need as much security for your premises.