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Automatic gates and barrier systems are classed as machines and can cause serious harm when not installed correctly by professional engineers. The tragic deaths of two young children in separate incidents within a week in June 2010 highlighted the dangers of automatic gates.

New automatic gates must be CE marked and comply with EN 12453. If you have automatic gates in Sheffield and you are unsure if they comply with this regulation then it is your responsibility to ensure that they are safe by law to the general public. A&C Maintenance can check the safety of your automatic gates in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Automatic gates in Sheffield and Rotherham

Our automatic gate services

1. Automatic gate servicing in Sheffield & the UK

Regular preventative maintenance will help to extend the life of your system and improve reliability. We recommend that at least one annual service visit however this is dependent on the amount of usage.

Our engineers carry out a comprehensive list of checks, adjustments and lubricate your automatic gates system. Any faults or repairs found will be logged in a separate report and forwarded to you along with a quotation for the work. Force testing can be carried out at the same time of the service making it more cost effective.

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2. Risk Assessment

HSE Legislation stipulates that a risk assessment of the gate and barrier operation must be carried out. A key requirement of the risk assessment is force testing in accordance with EN12445 and a calibrated force tester. Those with automatic gates in Sheffield and South Yorkshire can call on our engineers. We are fully trained to carry out a risk assessment on your automatic gate and barrier systems and will check for any potential hazards. A report will be presented of any hazards along with recommended safety upgrades.


3. Force Testing

Force testing must be carried out at least once per year or every 6 months dependent upon the usage. Our automatic gates specialists carry out a full test with our calibrated equipment to EN12445 Standard. Each test is repeated three times to gain a mean average result. The report will be forwarded to you along with any recommended safety upgrades. You must retain these records as evidence for your insurers and HSE. We are also obliged to keep records for a minimum of 10 years.

Force testing can be carried out at the same time of the service making the visit more cost effective for you.

 4. Safety Accessories & Stock of Replacement Parts

A&C Maintenance utilises a wide range of safety accessories and upgrades which are all compliant with European Standards. These provide total protection against any hazards associated with operation. These include photo cells and safety sensitive edges.

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