Glazed Sectional Overhead

Typical Application

Designed to allow as much natural light within a building. applications such as Vehicle workshops, showrooms, fire & ambulace stations, insulated panels can be added & postioned within door/glazing.


  • Panoramic view.
  • Allows natural light into buildin.
  • Tight fitting seals to perimetre or door opening.
  • Suitable for large openings.
  • Space saving technologies

Sector key

Our Glazed Sectional Overhead can be used in the following sectors.

Standard Specification

Glazed Overhead Doors

A range of insulated and glazed overhead doors designed for industrial units, storage buildings, modern vehicle workshops, showrooms, fire and ambulance stations and other applications where an easy to operate, strong weatherproof door is required. The door design allows various panel arrangements, glazing infill to provide maximum transmission of natural light, thermally insulated panels or a combination of both panel type. Each door is custom manufactured to suit most types of structural openings and designed to give a smooth quiet operation whilst still retaining a neat self contained appearance.

Four models are available:

Standard Headroom

Minimum clearance for door gear: 500mm.

Vertical Lift

Minimum clearance for door gear: Opening height + 800mm.

High Lift

Minimum clearance for door gear: 1675 (standard), up to 3305mm for specials.

Low Headroom

Minimum clearance for door gear: 230mm

  • Maximum height: 5500mm (3650mm for low headroom model).
  • Maximum width: 6500mm (6000mm for low headroom model).
  • Weight: 20 kg/m² of door opening.
  • U-value: 0.47 W/m² through the panel, giving an overall figure on a 16 m² door of 0.5 W/m².

HP200 Plastisol range of colours (subject to avalibilty) or Polyester Stucco finish (subject to avalibility)

Insulated Panel

Galvanised steel inner and outer face infilled with cfc free polyurethane foam. Each panel has a male/female anti-finger trap joint, with a compressible rubber gasket seal, forms a total thermal and weatherproof joint. The panels are ribbed and each end enclosed with a galvanised reinforcing cap for even greater strength and durability


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