Spring is the time for automatic gate maintenance

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Following a winter which has brought a whole host of wet and windy weather, now is the time to take stock of what damage this might have done to the external parts of your business. Roof tiles, fencing and signage may all be obvious victims of the harsh weather, but your automatic gates and barriers may also require some maintenance to ensure they’ve not been affected.

High winds

This year parts of the UK, including South Yorkshire, recorded driving winds of up to 80mph on more than one occasion. High winds can be particularly harmful to automatic gates and barriers because they put them under stress which over prolonged periods can affect joints and mechanisms.

Following a heavy storm the gates might not line up correctly or they might take longer to open, these are both signs of a fault that could be caused by high winds. However, in many instances the damage caused by winds is not apparent until it causes the gate to break which is why routine electric gate maintenance should be carried out regularly by an expert.

Wet weather

Automatic gates and barriers are designed to be waterproof and can cope with the external elements. However, over time small components may succumb to the signs of weathering. Damage can be caused from dirt and dust carried into mechanisms by water or rusting over a long period of time.

Routine maintenance will allow a trained engineer to identify any components which have suffered serious damage and clean those which have become dirty over long periods of time, therefore preventing the door from breaking in the future.


This might sound a little strange, but leaves can find their way into the mechanisms of electronic gates or barriers and cause a surprising amount of damage. Leaves near the hinges can cause gates to strain slightly, whilst if they’re on the floor blocking the gates they can cause extra friction which will affect the mechanism over time.

Electronic gate maintenance from A&C

A&C Maintenance have a long line of experience in carrying out electric and automatic gate maintenance in Sheffield and across the UK. Our expert team can identify the faults and service the components before any issues cause irreparable damage to the door. Spring is a good time to carry out maintenance, particularly following periods of extreme weather when damage may have occurred.

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