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How to tell if you need an electric gate repair


Whether your business or home has a vertical or horizontal electric gate it’s imperative that it’s maintained. Heavy electric gates with strong motors can cause severe injuries or even death without addressing maintenance issues as they arise. Figures from the Gate Safe charity show that 18 deaths have occurred since 2009 as the result of mechanical faults with electric gates – the problem is a serious one.

Signs that your electric gates need repairing

There are a number of tell-tale signs that highlight the need for electric gate repairs. Should you notice any of the signs then you should address the problem immediately. Not only could the faults be an extreme hazard to public and personal safety, but delaying repairs could also increase the damage and cost more money. Keep an eye out for the following signs.


Rust on any of the gate could be a sign that the gate is beginning to degrade. This can be a real safety hazard, in particular if the rust is located near hinges or mechanical parts of the gate. Rusting components increases the likelihood of parts shearing off and working incorrectly. You can prevent rust by painting gates, but any rust that has already surfaced on a vital component can be addressed with a replacement.


If you begin to notice a rattling on your gate, either when it’s closing or when it’s stationary then you should ask an engineer to take a look. Rattling on a gate may mean that certain components require tightening. If parts are loose a gate may close quicker than it should which will create a safety hazard and damage your gate.


If the electric gate is stiff when it closes then this may also indicate a fault with the mechanism. You will notice a stiff gate if it squeaks, indicating unwanted friction somewhere in the mechanism. This will put more strain on the motor and reduce its overall lifespan.


Has the gate maintained its structure? There may be loose posts that are making it easier or harder for the electric gate to close. Horizontal electric gates might also be missing their resting post causing them to support their own weight and increase their range of movement. This will put extra stress on the joints and hinges and create worse damage to the gate over time.

Electric gate repairs

Here at A&C Maintenance we have over 45 years of experience in electric gate repairs – so we’ve come across every type of problem there is! We carry out electric gate repairs in Sheffield and across the UK.

From repairing and replacing faulty components to dismantling old gates and fitting new ones, our fully-certified engineers can take control. To arrange repairs for your electric gate, call 01909 568 010 today, or fill out our enquiry form.