Roller shutters and other security options for listed buildings


We discuss the various options for businesses restricted by listed building status

If your business is situated within a listed building then the external security options can often be limited by planning permissions. However, just because you can’t have a standard roller shutter set-up doesn’t mean you can’t protect your business. We look at how you can keep your premises secure despite restrictions.

What are the restrictions?

There are over 500,000 listed buildings in the UK which are protected by law. Listed status often prevents your business making any alterations to the building’s exterior without applying for planning permission before. Luckily, even if you’re not allowed to make changes to the outside you’ll still be able to secure your building comprehensively from the inside.

How can I secure my business?

Here at A&C Maintenance we can find a roller shutter solution to fit with any existing architecture that will keep your business safe and secure. We can often fit roller shutters on the inside of windows which offers a perfect solution for keeping any stock, hardware or machinery safe and sound. We also have a range of other options including rolling grilles, which allow natural light to get into the building whilst still offering protection. Here are some of the products that might be of interest: –

  • Visionguard 76 – this roller shutter can be fitted externally or internally as architecture allows.
  • Visionguard 80 – rolling grill solution for interior.
  • Safebar system – this solution allows you to protect windows.
  • Safegate – this allows a fast manual security solution on the interior or exterior of your building.

If you’re unsure of the kind of solution that your business requires then our experts will be able to show you the best solution for your business. We have over 45 years’ experience in fitting a range of roller shutters and security doors across the country. To book a quote with a member of our team contact us today on 01909 568 010 or