Rolling Grilles

Rolling grilles are excellent security shutters for both internal and external use in your commercial and business property. They allow for a more aesthetically pleasing security option, whilst allowing the light and air to circulate whilst keeping the premises secure.

Other kinds of industrial doors can often block out any branding or advertising that you might have on your shop front, making your business invisible to passers-by out of hours. Although these doors might not be ideal for all security needs, they can be an excellent option for shopping centre fronts, jewellery shop windows or reception desks.

Rolling grilles for internal and external security

With a rolling grille you have the option to maintain a high level of security with keeping your visibility in the market. This can be especially true if you are in a busy shopping area or a shopping centre when attracting passing trade is a vital part of your income.

They are also good value for your business instead of utilising much bulkier and uglier shop front security systems. Rolling grilles can come in a number of colours and will help keep your business secure around the clock.

Choose A&C for experience and service

Our rolling grilles are the perfect security shutters for retail units and at A&C Maintenance we will ensure that you receive regular roller shutter maintenance and shutter repairs should they be needed to minimise the disruption to your business.

We have a long line of experience fitting doors and shutters for a range of purposes. We use only the best quality components in all of our installations.

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