Visionguard 80

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Typical Application

Designed as a high visibility security grille for retail outlets.


  • 77mm Aluminium punched profile.
  • Polycarbonate glazing option.
  • Internal or external use
  • Powder coat option avalible.

Sector key

Our Visionguard 80 can be used in the following sectors.

Standard Specification

Visionguard 80 Grille Shutter

A vertical slotted lath security shutter designed for retail security.


Opening height up to 5000mm, opening width up to 6000mm. Maximum area 20m².
Shutter weight: 7 kg/m² (9.25 kg/m² for glazed) of door opening.


77mmdeep aluminium single wall lath, punched to provide 62% vision. Slots may be polycarbonate filled as option.

Bottom Rail

77mm deep extruded aluminium bottom rail with circular extruded rubber section at base.

Side Guides

90 x 34mm extruded aluminium guide with integral box section for strength.

Shutter barrel

Continuous mild steel tube – with counterbalance springs inside the tube for manual operation shutters.


Compact four sided pre-finished steel cover to roller shutter coil.

Optional extras

  • Available in both electrical & manual operation.
  • Key switch Operation (Electric Operation)
  • Bullet locks to manual doors in lieu of bottom slat lock. (Manual Operation)
  • Group controller to operate up to 4 shutters from one location. (Electric Operation)
  • Safety photocells
  • Remote control operation.
  • Wireless safety bottom edge kit.
  • Battery back up
  • Remote control wireless keypad.
  • Sloping bottom rail


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