Protect your business from vandalism with roller shutters


Although criminal damage statistics suggest that shop front vandalism is continuing to decline, it’s important that your business protects itself against unneeded damage. National crime statistics suggest that 2015 saw a 6% decrease in vandalism, but there were still 1.3 million incidents across the UK. Make sure your business is not part of these statistics in 2016 by improving your shop security.

How will roller shutters protect your business?

There are a range of dangers that every business faces from vandals. Whether you’re situated in a busy town centre or on a quiet street corner there are a range of things that businesses have to protect themselves from.


Cleaning graffiti off a shop front is no easy task, but shutters can help protect you. Sure, you might get graffiti on your roller shutters, but the clean-up is far more straightforward than cleaning paint from glass. Once the shutters are rolled up your customers won’t know any different. Whether your shop sells high value stock or you’re a simple café or hairdressers it always pays to protect your windows and shop front from graffiti.

Smashed windows

Whether from vandals or thieves, there’s only one sure fire way to protect your windows from being smashed and that’s with roller shutters. In terms of broken glass, the cost of broken window panes can soon add up so protecting your glass is worthwhile. Roller shutters will also not only help keep your stock safe, but they’ll also improve your insurance premiums.

Un-needed cleaning

Shop fronts near local night spots can often come under attack at the weekend. If your shop is near bars, nightclubs or takeaways you’ll probably be all too accustomed with having to clean up the remains of the weekend on a Monday morning. One way to prevent this problem is with roller shutters. Protecting your glistening shop front and improve your insurance premiums with a new shutter system. We offer a range of shutters which also make it possible to see the window display when the shop is closed.

Roller shutters in Sheffield

Here at A&C Maintenance we have over 45 years of experience in protecting businesses. Browse the roller shutters that A&C Maintenance offer across the site to find one suitable for you. We also offer roller shutter maintenance plans and can recommend other security systems for your business. For more information on any of the services that A&C Maintenance offer or to gain a free quote, contact us today on 01909 568 010.