Insulated Loading Pod

Loading Bay 1

Typical Application

The Loading Pod is a freestanding unit which can be bolted to the outside of a warehouse building and can be installed and commissioned with minimal disruption to operations


  • Free standing unit which is bolted to the outside of the building.
  • Ability to expand your building and operations without having to invest in a brand new building.
  • Minimum disruption to your operations.
  • Equipped with a loading bay device.
  • Shelter and sectional door as standard.

Sector key

Our Insulated Loading Pod can be used in the following sectors.

Standard Specification

FrameThe framework incorporates appropriate bracing to carry loads transmitted by the dock bumpers and can be externally clad at the sides and roof with either R32/1000 profiled sheet or with 50mm insulated panelFinishes

The standard colour finish for the insulated panel is white. R32/1000 cladding is available in standard colours. Additional colours are available upon request at extra cost.


The cladding/insulated panel is finished off with colour matched flashing.


The roof of the pod is pitched from right to left to allow for water run off.


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