High Speed Roll Up Door

AC Instant Pass

Typical Application

Designed for internal smaller fit applications. The ‘Roll Up’ system allows a more compact head box and faster operation. Ideal for Food, Pharmaceuticals, Industry Laboratories, Shopping Centres, Hospitals and Warehouses.



Our high speed roll up doors have a range of advantages: –

  • Safety bottom edge & photo cell Technology
  • Opening Speed 0.52 to 0.92 m/s
  • Auto Timed Return (1 – 99 seconds)


Sector key

Our High Speed Roll Up Door can be used in the following sectors.

Standard Specification


Constructed from 100% high strength polyester 900g/m2 fabric with double sided PVC coating and with integral horizontal reinforcements for air pressure currents. Ideal for jet wash cleaning.

The lower skirt is a fabric bag that enables perfect adjustment on uneven floors. Black and yellow hazard markings for visual warning to in & out going vehicles. 500mm deep vision panel supplied as standard. Additional rows of full vision curtain can be added as an option.

Door Columns & Head

Manufactured from galvanised steel to form a self supporting frame. Supplied as standard natural galvanised finish or as an extra, powder coat finished to a standard RAL colour range or Stainless Steel 316L or AISI304L.


Motor and Control Panel

Self locking reducer motor for intensive use with integrated positional mechanical switches. Electro-brake for exact positioning and locking the curtain. Emergency manual operation by crank handle at floor level.


Safety Features

Wireless safety bottom edge to base of curtain and safety photo cells mounted 500mm above floor level.







Optional extras

Opening / Closing Options

  • Open / Stop / Close Buttons (Remote)
  • Induction Loop Sensors
  • Radar Motion Sensors
  • Radio Receiver and transmitters
  • Forklift truck clip for transmitters
  • Pull cord & switch
  • Pedestrian Photo Cells c/w steel posts
  • Front fit motor
  • Motor cover


Curtain Colour Options

Curtain Colours

Frame Colour Options

Standard colour of frame is RAL 7046 (Light Grey).

Other colours available at no extra cost as follows:

RAL 9002 (White), RAL 5010 (Navy Blue), RAL 5004 (Dark Blue, almost black), RAL 1003 (Yellow), RAL 3002 (Red).



Self Repairing Option

Available on High Speed Roll Up Doors Only. If the curtain is impacted and knocked out of the side guides, when the push button operator is pressed the curtain automatically re-inserts itself into the guides.


Repair Option


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