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5 ways high speed doors could help your business

High speed doors Sheffield

There’s a reason why more and more businesses are turning to high speed doors to serve their premises instead of more traditional entrances. As we’ll see, they offer a lot of benefits – in addition to looking cool they have a lot of practical advantages!

Temperature control

Having a high speed door allows you to protect your business from temperature changes much more effectively than a traditional door. This is particularly vital in the food industry, where products need to be kept cool, or in warehouses storing chemicals that need to be kept at a regular temperature. Equally, a high speed door can greatly reduce heat loss – meaning it’s good for keeping your staff warm as well as your products!

A speedy exit

One of the industries for which high speed doors are most important is the emergency services. With an optimal opening time of just over 0.5 m/s, our roll-up and fold-up doors mean police, fire engines and ambulances can respond to calls and be on the scene as quickly as possible.

Of course, almost as importantly, our doors can also provide a speedy exit as soon as that clocks hits 5pm. No more pile-ups as everyone sprints for the exit!


Hopefully, situations in which you need to suddenly shut the doors for security reasons will be few and far between. However, should such a situation arise you want to have the comfort of knowing your doors will shut as quickly as possible to reduce any threat to your staff and put up a protective barrier in front of your business.

High speed doors can also act as highly effective security guards against another type of intruder: bugs. Being able to quickly prevent flies, dirt and even bigger pests such as rodents from sneaking into your business is vital in the food industry and others that require products to be well-protected.


High speed doors also provide protection against the elements. Our doors offer strong wind resistance as well as resistance against draughts and air pressure. Steel reinforcement tubes allow for protection against high wind pressures – our high speed fold-up doors offer resistance against wind speeds of 80km/h.

We’re here for you

Here at A&C Maintenance we offer long term maintenance plans to keep your door in top working condition. We’ve been providing maintenance on doors for over 45 years, so we’ve got experience fixing every kind of problem!

Our headquarters in Sheffield near the motorway mean that we can be on the scene to carry out maintenance very quickly – particularly if you’re in Sheffield or Rotherham – but our high speed roll-up door even comes with a self-repairing option!

Check out our high speed doors for more information, or contact us on 01909 568 010 for a free quote.